Dr Kerry Hall

Dr Kerry Hall

“Incidence and outcomes of Acute Respiratory Illness with cough in urban Indigenous children".

Kerry Hall graduated with her PhD from the Queensland University of Technology in 2017. Kerry was based at the Centre for Children's Health Research in Brisbane, and her primary supervisor was CRE Chief Investigator Dr Kerry-Ann O'Grady.

Kerry's studies focussed on the burden of acute respiratory illnesses in Indigenous children living in urban areas. Her thesis was the first to comprehensively evaluate acute respiratory illness with cough in urban, predominantly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, children. It identified a community experiencing significant disadvantage and a concerning burden of acute respiratory illness with cough. Kerry's research found that frequent presentation to primary health care, continuity of primary health care provider, and knowledge of when cough is abnormal, were all factors that were critical to the success of interventions to reduce the burden of disease.

Kerry received an Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship through the Queensland University of Technology for her studies. She presented her work at several conferences, including the International Meeting on Indigenous Child Health in Canada in 2017.

A list of Kerry's publications and conference presentations can be found here.