CRE Advisory Board

The CRE Advisory Board provides high level strategic advice to the CRE in Respiratory Health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children.

The key roles of the group are to:

  • Provide advice on research transfer activities; 
  • Provide advice and advocacy on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social, cultural and lung health research issues; 
  • Maintain an overview of current research projects and provide strategic advice regarding conduct and impact of research in participating communities; 
  • Participate in forward planning activities to capitalise on existing or potential funding opportunities relevant to identified priorities and/or emerging issues;
  • Contribute to the development of mechanisms to raise awareness of the work of the CRE. Such mechanisms may include reporting to community groups/forums and outlining a pathway for community feedback of concerns or issues; and
  • Assist the CRE team with research priority setting. 

The CRE would like to thank the Advisory Board members who provide their time to support the CRE on a voluntary basis.

Members of the Advisory Board

The members of the CRE Advisory Board are:

Ms Doogety (Christine) Campbell (Chair) - Nganampa Health Council
Ms Anna Bell - Queensland Health
Ms Louise Clark - Menzies School of Health Research
Ms Sian Graham - Menzies School of Health Research 
Dr Carolyn McClennan- Paediatrician
Ms Lorna Murakami-Gold - Centre for Remote Health
Dr Maree Toombs - University of Queensland

Previous members

Mr Robert Curry, 2012-2013, Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory
Ms Iris Raye, 2012-2013, Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education
Dr Liz Izquierdo, 2012-2014, Lowitja Institute
Professor Anita Lee Hong, 2015-2016, Queensland University of Technology
Dr Janet Hammill, 2013-2016, University of Queensland