Chief Investigators

The CRE Chief Investigators (CIs) are leaders in their respective fields, each with a specific and relevant strength.  All CIs have made major contributions to their field and have focussed research that contributes to evidence-based healthcare and policies.

Governance of the CRE is overseen by five of the CIs who make up the CRE Leadership Group.

Leadership Group

Professor Anne Chang

Professor Anne Chang
Menzies School of Health Research
Professor Anne Chang is a paediatric respiratory physician who is recognised as a global leader in chronic cough and evidence based medicine in respiratory issues of children. She led the...

Doctor Kerry-Ann O’Grady

Centre for Children's Health Research, Queensland University of Technology
Doctor Kerry-Ann O’Grady is an epidemiologist with a focus on respiratory illnesses in children, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children. She is currently heads the Respiratory infection Outreach and...

Professor Keith Grimwood

Griffith University
Professor Keith Grimwood received a NZ medal for his services to research on respiratory infections in NZ and continues to influence policies through his roles in the RACP committees and...

Professor Peter Morris

Menzies School of Health Research
Professor Peter Morris is a hospital clinician and visiting paediatrician to the Tiwi Islands. He is interested in clinical trials and systematic reviews of interventions for important childhood conditions. Peter...

Ms Heather D’Antoine

Heather D'Antoine
Menzies School of Health Research
Heather D’Antoine has 25 years of experience in health services as a registered nurse and midwife and as a health service manager in both Aboriginal health services and general health...

Other Chief Investigators

Professor Paul Torzillo

Paul Torzillo
University of Sydney
Paul Torzillo who received an Australian Medal for his contributions to Indigenous Health is one of Australia’s leading Indigenous Health advisors. He has specific expertise on ARIs, housing and health...

Professor John Upham

Professor John Upham
University of Queensland
Professor John Upham is an adult respiratory physician whose work on respiratory immunology issues includes that relevant to children, is in the forefront of clinical respiratory immunology.

Professor Amanda Leach

Professor Amanda Leach
Menzies School of Health Research
Professor Amanda Leach is leader of the Ear Health Research Program, Child Health Division at the Menzies School of Health Research. She won a 2004 NHMRC Career Development Award and...

Professor Kim Mulholland

Professor Kim Mulholland
Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
Professor Edward Mulholland is a paediatrician with extensive international experience, currently based at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne. He is well recognised as an international leader in vaccines,...

Professor Ngiare Brown

University of Woollong
Professor Ngiare Brown is one of Australia’s first Indigenous doctors, whose vision established the Australian Indigenous Doctors Association (AIDA). She also led the committee that determined key indicators in the...