Professor Keith Grimwood

Professor Keith Grimwood is Deputy Head of the School of Medicine (Research) at Griffith University and Professor of Infectious Diseases at Griffith University and Gold Coast Health

Professor Grimwood is an experienced clinical researcher with particular expertise in the microbiology of respiratory infections. This includes acute respiratory infections (e.g. bronchiolitis and pneumonia) and lower airway infections found in bronchiectasis and cystic fibrosis. He has contributed to national and international guidelines on bronchiectasis and international management guidelines on bronchiectasis and has a long history of fruitful collaborations with several CIs in these CREs. This includes being a panel member on the European Respiratory Society Tas Force on protracted bacterial bronchitis (2016-2017) and paediatric bronchiectasis. Prof Grimwood has published >300 papers and book chapters. 

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