Antibiotics are central in the treatment of bronchiectasis. However, bronchiectasis is a heterogenous disease and therefore it is not surprising that studies previously completed by the CRE (BEST-1, BEST-2 and BIS) have also shown heterogeneity in the children’s response to antibiotics. Understanding which children will respond well to antibiotics will not only lead to more appropriate antibiotic use but will also improve the management of bronchiectasis.


The aim of this study is to identify markers or phenotypes that predict which children will have a positive antibiotic response.


Data obtained from the BEST-1 & BEST-2 and BIS RCTs will be used to identify factors associated with key outcomes such as antibiotic response, duration of symptoms and future exacerbations. Stored samples will also allow an in-depth investigation to determine systemic immune responses to exacerbations. Individual level meta-analysis will be performed to look for phenotypes and modelling will be used to determine phenotypes and their association with treatment.

This study is funded through the AusBREATHE CRE.

Lead investigator
Dr Vikas Goyal
Chief investigator
Professor Anne Chang and Professor Keith Grimwood
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Project period