Currently there is very little knowledge or understanding of childhood bronchiectasis phenotypes and endotypes, however this knowledge is required to better understand the risk factors for bronchiectasis development and prognosis. The CRE is ideally placed to investigate clinical phenotypes using its completed multi-centre RCTs with long-term clinical follow-up.


To define respiratory phenotypes in children with bronchiectasis and to examine how these bronchiectasis phenotypes perform.


Two single centre observational cohorts  and the previously completed RCTS (BEST1&2 and BIS) will be used. Longitudinal clinical data is available for these children and the study dataset is available to use. Advanced statistical techniques will be used to define phenotype clusters that will be defined in a discovery dataset and confirmed in a validation dataset. The Australian Bronchiectasis Registry will be used to assess how these phenotypes perform prospectively.

This study is funded through the AusBREATHE CRE.

Lead investigator
Professor Shyamali Dharmage
Chief investigator
Professor Shyamali Dharmage
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