The CRE is funding the development of multi-lingual apps using previously developed educational flipcharts to provide easily accessible health education on respiratory conditions to health professionals and families.

We have previously developed a set of culturally appropriate pictorial educational flipcharts  for a range of respiratory conditions, to help families understand the type of condition their child has, and how it affects them.

A formal evaluation of these flipcharts was undertaken with carers of Indigenous children hospitalised with common respiratory conditions. The evaluation showed that these educational flipcharts improved their knowledge of respiratory conditions. Participants in that evaluation recommended developing these resources into an electronic format, with voice overs in different languages. This would reduce language barriers and enable users to independently work through the flipchart in their local language. In the context of Indigenous health, these multi-lingual apps will help break down language and context barriers, thus making it easier for Indigenous carers to understand the respiratory condition affecting their child.

The apps will provide access to each of the flipcharts in 6 common languages: Tiwi; Murrin Patha (Wadeye); Yolngu Matha (East Arnhem); Pitjantjara (APY lands); Warlpiri (Central Australia); and English.

Asthma app completed

The asthma app has now ben completed and within it there is information about the lungs and a description of asthma, including signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. The app can be used with or without voiceover and can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play (Lung health for kids).

Lead investigator
Lesley Versteegh
Chief investigator
Professor Anne Chang
Project period